Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Interlude: shared obsessions

I'm away on holiday, so no new posts this week. Instead, here's a little snippet from the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1987, an early and much-thumbed part of my big brother's 2000 AD collection.

Logos are awesome. One day I hope to create a version with newer thrills represented, too.
As for updating the Hit List itself, I'm thinking about going one better and breaking it down by characters...

I'm sure I'd have found my own ways to express my obsession with 2000AD, but this piece of work by Alan Thomson was a specific inspiration. The pencil ticks are my own addition, checked off carefully as my growing back-prog collection covered all the stories listed.

(For those who haven't read it, Colony Earth! does not live up to its rather striking logo. Although it does at least have the decency to be about aliens who are attempting to colonise the Earth.)

Anyone who wonders why I've put so much time into tabulating 2000AD data, I blame Alan Thomson.

See you next week.

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