Monday, April 25, 2016

Interlude: The ShockCount continued

Part 2: the Artists

Same rules apply as before.
This time around, less waffle from more, more lists and scanned images to savour.

Also, do note that it’s a much shorter list. And that many of the names here were long established pros who didn’t have to pay dues to Tharg anyway. I guess if you’re a good enough artist, Tharg spots it pretty quickly and gets you on a series!

Not technically related to a Future Shock, but it is it's own self-contained, tisted SF image.
So kinda like a Future Shock. Art by Massimo Belardinelli
Massimo Belardinelli                 34
Jesus Redondo                         25

Jesus Redondo - still going strong
Words by Robert Murphy
John Higgins                             21
Eric Bradbury                           19
Mike White                              19
Henry Flint                               18
Siku                                         17
Casanovas                                17
Dave D'Antiquis                       15
Mike Collins                             14
Ron Smith                                14

Ron Smith delivers a pay-off
Words by Jim Clements

Simon Jacob sells a punchline.
Words by Brian Williamson

Simon Jacob                             13

Jeff Anderson                           12
Dave Gibbons                          11
John Haward                            11
Robin Smith                              11
Frazer Irving                             11
Nick Dyer                                10
Paul Johnson                            10
John Davis-Hunt                       10

Some of these fine folk were lucky enough to score a cover based on a Future Shock, a rare treat indeed.

Another delightful flight of fantasy from Massimo Belardinelli

Art by John Higgins

Art by Eric Bradbury

I think Henry Flint is homaging something, you guys.

Mark Harrison IS Pulp SciFi

Frazer Irving will shock you to death...

Jon Davis-Hunt; king of the 3rillers

Cliff Robinson, the cover master.

Once again I direct you to FutureShock'd - you never know when a dormant blog may erupt into new life.

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